Dr Kamal Asnani is a multi talented professional who has had a stint in direct selling and marketing and subsequently started focusing on his strength area of medical content creating. Having been a freelance medical content writer he has moved on to as founder of his own company and has a full fledged set up specialising in medical content area.

He has found this niche and I certainly believe that healthcare organisations need science based medical content to establish their brands or services. I strongly opine that Dr Kamal Asnani has the requisite skills, knowledge and infrastructure to cater to such needs. He certainly maybe an asset for any organisation that engages him

Hariram Krishnan, Mentor & Executive Coach , Engage, Enable…Empower, Former MD – Galderma India, Mentor to CEOs across a few sectors

I would always come out of the meeting with valuable inputs from Dr. Kamal Asnani and a clinical approach to solutioning medcomm problems, as would be expected from a profile enriched by global education.

In the past 5 years intellectual exercises helped develop comm strategies for medical affairs on different levels. And lots of suggestions towards a major manuscript which was a mix of various spectra cardiology. And other ongoing manuscripts as well.

  1. Always trustworthy when it comes to data and evidences.
  2. Never to breach the ethical framework.
  3. High on credibility.
  4. Would deliver the knowledge required by the client.
  5. On the occasion has helped me complete tasks on a Sunday.
  6. And moreover the entire narrative would be presented in a captivating format.

I hope to have permanent professional association with Dr Kamal Asnani which of course would be enriching.

Dr Mohammad Shahid Ahmed, AVP Medical Affairs at Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited

Dr. Kamal comes highly recommended as a medical affairs professional who has done a particularly good job of building value by overseeing the medical and scientific aspects of drugs in development, as well as the critical task of ensuring that the medical strategy is in line with the overall commercial strategy.

Dr. Kamal has assumed significant responsibility for both internal and external customers, and he has led his entire team in developing the medical strategy, ensuring launch meeting support, medical review of all scientific, educational, and promotional materials, publication strategy, investigator engagement, medical support for Sales Training, and raising scientific awareness.

Dr. Kamal was a pioneer in the development of Medical Strategy and Medical Copywriting to meet the needs of today’s pharmaceutical industry. He is constantly informed about new advancements in both medical and technical domains. His contributions to the medical community are well valued. I wish him the best of luck.

S Warang, Sales and Marketing professional

Dr. Asnani is an expert in medical communication who can solve any problem relating to medical marketing in a single shot.

HIMANSHU PURWAR, Management & Businesses Development – Management Consulting

In India, Dr. Kamal is a pioneer in medical communications.

We’ve worked together on a few projects in the past, and I still value his advice on a variety of professional issues.

I wish him the best of luck!

Dr Neelesh Bhandari, Head, Doctor Relations and Engagement at Practo

We got the pleasure to use Dr. Asnani’s services at Sorento Healthcare.

Working with Dr. Asnani was a true delight.

He is an expert in his field, with a diverse portfolio of medical writing and deliverables for pharmaceutical businesses.

Furthermore, he is really prompt in his services and responses.

Working with Dr. Asnani was a true delight.

IMPREZZIVE COMMUNICATION “Sanjay Mehta”, HEALTHCARE ADVERTISING AGENCY – Concept, Campaigns, Graphic Designing, Video, GIF, Creative & Scientific Copywriting

Dr. Kamal Asnani is a renowned CEO in his area, known for his professionalism and dedication to the world of medical writing and medical solutions – a one-stop-shop for medical solutions.

Lisa Bellamy, Principle Podiatrist; Educator

I’ve known Dr. Asnani for a long time and have met him several times.

Dr. Asnani is always willing to share his thoughts and ideas, therefore all of our discussions and interactions have been quite helpful.

He is a naturally helpful person who offers straightforward and practical solutions to even the most complex problems.

Sir, I wish you all the best in anything you do. read more

Dr. Ali Ahmad, Head- Business Development, Corporate & Institutional Sales Health care leader, Council Member at GLG, Influencer, Blogger

I chose eMediWrite for the print inputs of the ESC 2021 Cardiology Guidelines. I decided to use their services because of the relevant expertise and price.

The openness, transparency, and reasonable prices made me quite happy and satisfied while taking their services.

I just felt that a bit more attention should have been paid to gifts, physical inputs, new references, and scientific inputs. Overall, I felt content with the services provided by eMediWrite. read more

Swapnil Urunkar, Emcure Pharmaceuticals

I contacted eMediWrite for KOL engagement and was highly impressed with the well-researched and qualitative content.

I loved taking the benefits of their services because of their good design services and content depth.

The prompt response from their side was appreciative. I felt quite fulfilled with the services offered by eMediWrite. read more

Harsh Deshmukh, Indiabulls Pharmaceuticals