CKD Newsletter

We continue our series of newsletter for nephrologists acrros India. CKD NOW is exactly what the title implies.

Oncology Magazine

Super specialists need a regular feature to bring them latest news of their therapy area in the form of a magazine. Not only does this update the clinicians knowledge, but due to the illustrative nature of the magazine, a break from the monotomy of academic papers occurs, whilst also condensing the information in a nutshell.…


Posters on the wall of any health care professionals office adds professional visual appeal and impart knowledge to the patients in the waiting room. Paper poster are good, but 3D PVC posters are better for their longer life and visual appeal.

Patient information leaflet (PIL)

Patient awareness and behavior change is key for effective cure and management of various diseases. Our leaflets are simple, to the point and find good connect with the consumer for their simplicity and catchy illustrations. We can develop these in all vernacular and Indian regional languages as well.

Visual Aid Booklets – Gold Standard

  The tried and tested “gold standard” visual aid delivers visual communication to the clinician for better brand recall when mixed with the verbal briefing being given by the medical representative. eDetailers on iPads are also our forte.

Product Monograph

A product monograph is an authentic document which contains scientific inputs on a medicine. It contains characteristics, claims, conditions and limitations for which it is offered, directions, warnings and other information that is required for sale and effective use of product. Our team of medical experts uses their knowledge to develop a scientifically correct product…

4G – Games, Gimmicks, Gadgets, Goodies

Our Gamification, Gimmicks and Gadgets are fun-filled, subtle and effective communication techniques that are appealing and instantly attract the attention and curiosity of our targeted stakeholders. We develop creative inputs that engage close interaction and group participation, and by stirring deep emotional instincts, outcomes of our creative inputs result in enhanced learning experiences, greater retention…

Product Promotion for a Global Client

The Challenge: Our client needed an innovative approach to market an oncology drug which was facing significant challenges in the market. Proposed Solution: We won the contract and, within two weeks, contacted our excellent KOLs network to identify what would make them prescribe a new product. Based on the inputs give, our medical communications team designed eye…